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Beauty & Spa

Today is the perfect day to put yourself first for a change. Don’t you agree? Our team at BEAUTY & SPA are very much on the same wavelength: we are totally dedicated to your well-being.


From now on, we won’t be signing any contracts with showy beauty product brands, which tie us to ritualised treatments. Instead, we will be working with locally sourced, soil-enriched oils and our brand-new range, which is based on our very own healing salt water. This healing salt water is so beneficial in the pools, it follows that it can also be highly beneficial when used in beauty products. We are only at the beginning of our journey – but we are already really excited to find out what you think.

Book your treatment now by calling +49 (0)3391 – 40 35 2447 or email spa@resort-mark-brandenburg.de

Payment on site is currently only possible by EC card.

Every member of staff performs the treatments in the same way – albeit with their own personal touch, so every appointment can be slightly different than the one you had before.



Your most important supporting element needs looking after. Gentle expansive movements, static pressure and classic massage techniques focusing on your back, head, face, neck and arms help to relieve tension and boost skin circulation.

50 minutes, €89


A gentle and relaxing full-body massage – classic massage techniques give you an immediate sense of well-being.

50 minutes, €89


A combination of massage techniques and movements from the Ayurvedic, Thai and Swedish massage schools, perfectly tailored to your personal needs. Dynamic techniques are interspersed with long, gentle movements to pamper your body, head and face.

75 minutes, €122


It is completely fine if you decide that you don’t want us to treat you without the security of your clothing. For these guests, we recommend this considerate foot and ankle massage. You are welcome to wear your underwear and a T-shirt; or you can come in your bathrobe.

50 minutes, €89


Choose between therapeutic relaxation with a classic Asian massage or a stretching treatment to boost the condition of your body: the Thai Yoga massage combines Balinese and Shiatsu elements and stimulates your body’s chakras by applying pressure to the hands and feet. Simply decide on your preference when you arrive at the spa.

50 minutes, €89 75 minutes, €119


Soul balm

Enjoy a gentle body massage in this refreshing summer ritual for all occasions. This application gently massages the body. The combination of oils and various balms tones and tightens the skin, while the invigorating scent of lemon, mint and cypress really puts you in the vacation mood. The subsequent head massage and facial both feature products perfectly chosen for your specific skin type.

50 minutes, €92


The refreshing peeling treatment with hay flowers and apricot kernels lets you shine like the sun and helps to stimulate the microcirculation. This treatment is an ideal preparation for absorbing the following active ingredients, which are applied to the skin with relaxing massage strokes.

50 minutes, €92


Enjoy a rejuvenating, cleansing ritual for your body and soul. This treatment has its roots in the Orient. First relax in the steam room; then a raw silk glove is used to exfoliate and invigorate your skin. Your skin is then rinsed with warm water. The treatment concludes with a deeply relaxing massage with a fine, nourishing lather.
For that treatment, the sauna team will meet you directly in front of the Laconium.

60 minutes, €105



A foundation treatment including cleansing, light peeling, eyebrow shaping, deep cleansing and a facial massage, concluding with a serum treatment.

50 minutes, €89


This treatment begins with a special enzymatic or fruit acid exfoliation, specially tailored to the needs of your skin and applied to the face with a gently massaging brush. We then rejuvenate your skin with a long, indulgent facial and head, neck and shoulder massage. Next, look forward to a hand and arm massage and an invigorating mask. The final ritual combines serum, eye and lip products and skin cream to provide the perfect protection for the rest of the day. This treatment features products from our partner Team Dr. Joseph.

75 minutes, €122

eyelashes & eyebrows

eyelash tinting

Only bookable in combination with a facial treatment

15 minutes, €15

eyebrow tinting

Only bookable in combination with a facial treatment

10 minutes, €10


Only bookable in combination with a facial treatment

20 minutes, €20
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