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Beauty & Spa

Today is the perfect day to put yourself first for a change. Don’t you agree? Our team at BEAUTY & SPA are very much on the same wavelength: we are totally dedicated to your well-being. Our comprehensive range of treatments and services includes the 3,500-year-old art of Ayurveda, the naturally gentle treatments from LIGNE ST BARTH and the sophisticated cosmetics from PHYRIS.

We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment, and look forward to welcoming you to the SPA lounge five minutes before your appointment is due to start.

Verwöhnende Gesichtsbehandlung in der Therme Neuruppin

Heavenly, pure and new to our spa: Ligne St Barth

Natural products that are as simple as they are innovative, with summer scents and a family tradition that spans over three decades – LIGNE ST BARTH is one of the most sought-after spa ranges in the world. The “made in St Barth” way of life and refinement “à la française” – now available at the resort.

Physiotherapeutische Kopfbehandlung in der Therme Neuruppin

The 3-Phase Care Concept from Phyris

The breakthrough 3-Phase Care Concept from PHYRIS provides everything you need to perfectly cleanse, protect and care for your skin, to treat skin problems and to combat the signs of premature ageing.

Dame bei entspannter Atmosphäre in der Sauna

How to spa

Spa etiquette

Book now and save

We recommend booking early to guarantee that you can enjoy your desired treatment during your stay with us. As this also benefits our appointment schedule, we will give you a discounted price – it is our way of saying thank you.

Book your treatment now by calling +49 (0)3391 – 40 35 2447 or email spa@resort-mark-brandenburg.de

Ligne St Barth

St Barth Sensation – body mask with a relaxing massage

Your body, fully covered in Caribbean sea water gel and fine oils – a sensational treatment. Then enjoy a relaxing, aromatic massage, leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth.

50 minutes 82 €

St Barth Harmony – a pampering full-body massage

Experience the full intensity of the unique care range from ST BARTH with this full-body treatment, specially tailored to your needs. The velvety soft body lotion is the perfect finale.

50 minutes 82 €

St Barth Harmony Short – relaxing back massage

Gently straighten out your spine and enjoy the heavenly fragrance – the ST BARTH Harmony Short is an intense yet relaxing massage for the back, finished off with a gently nourishing body lotion.

20 minutes 35 €

St Barth Pureness – facial and décolleté treatment with hand massage

Fresh fragrances, deep relaxation and pure nourishment: enjoying the cleansing, toning, massage, peeling and mask for an even, radiant complexion. Put your hands in our hands.

50 minutes 79 €

St Barth Freshness – facial and décolleté treatment and massage

Your face, neck, décolleté and hands will be refreshed and will exude a new radiance thanks to the revitalising cucumber mousse. While the natural mask takes effect, enjoy either a relaxing head, back or foot massage.

80 minutes 89 €

St Barth Softness – body peeling massage with coconut oil and papaya

Fresh papaya fruit enzymes and a special sea sand remove dead skin, while coconut oil nourishes and pampers the skin – a fantastic full-body peeling treatment with a special intensity.

50 minutes 69 €

St Barth Elasticity – body mask with clay and cucumber mousse

A firming, nourishing treatment featuring the mineral-rich clay and refreshing cucumber mousse – for supple skin from head to foot.

50 minutes 82 €

St Barth Slimness – soothing and decongesting leg massage

The power of camphor, menthol and ivy gel combine to relieve and relax the legs and lend them a new firmness – ST BARTH Slimness brings a new sense of lightness to heavy, tired legs.

20 minutes 35 €

St Barth Pureness Short – facial and décolleté treatment

Clarifying and revitalising, the ST BARTH Pureness Short: deep cleansing and pure nourishment for the delicate face and décolleté region.

20 minutes 39 €

St Barth Men Short – relaxing head and foot massage

The HOMME range has been perfectly tailored to the needs of men: refreshing aloe vera gel and revitalising fluid combine with firming ivy gel to nourish stressed skin. Special massage techniques on the head and feet bring new strength and vitality.

20 minutes 39 €


Radiantly Beautiful

Experience a classic cosmetic treatment, comprising cleansing, peeling, purifying, SOMI, massage and care, for instant radiance. 

50 minutes 75 €

Men's Vitality

A special facial treatment tailored to the needs of men’s skin for a nourished complexion. In this cosmetic treatment you can choose between a rich face mask and a body massage.

50 minutes 75 €

Perfect Care

An effective facial treatment with additional care rituals for skin that is full of energy and vitality. We use warm feet compresses to help you reach a state of deep relaxation. Treat your face, neck and décolleté to a well-earned break. The treatment includes eyelash and eyebrow tinting, as well as eyebrow shaping. 

80 minutes 105 €

Ayurvedic massages

Abhyanga: Ayurvedic full-body massage

Treat yourself to the sensation of total harmony from head to foot: The “queen” of Ayurvedic massages uses warm oil and soft touches to make you feel fully yourself again. 

80 minutes 135 €

Marma Abhyanga: intense Ayurvedic massage

The art of acupressure releases blockages through the application of gentle pressure on the so-called marma points – places on your body where the muscles, ligaments and nerves meet. Stretching and moving these specific parts of the body stimulates and relaxes the body, releasing tension.

80 minutes 135 €

Shiroabhyanga and Mukabhyanga: Ayurvedia head and face massage

Warm oil gently flows over your head and neck, the most delicate parts of your face enjoy dotted stimulation, the scalp gentle pressure – all of your cares and worries will melt away as your sub-conscious focuses on gaining new energy and a fresh sense of well-being.

80 minutes 129 €

Prist Abhyanga: Ayurvedic back massage

From the coccyx to the neck, the spine is the most important line in our life. Maintaining a sense of balance in the spine and continuously working on this can help to prevent damage and pain. The marma points from Ayurveda help you to straighten your body in a gentle way.

50 minutes 82 €

Pad Abyhanga: Ayurvedic foot and leg massage

The feet and legs are complex areas that require special attention – muscles, joints and bones bear weight and in turn have an effect on our organs. Pad Abyhanga incorporates the marma points from the hips to the toes.

50 minutes 79 €

Garshan: Ayurvedic silk glove massage

This dry massage, which is performed with silk gloves, boosts circulation and stimulates the metabolism. The subsequent application of oil gives you energy and allows you to return to your day with a renewed complexion.

50 minutes 85 €

Thai massages

Thai legs – feet

only available on wednesday

20 minutes 35 €

Thai back – neck – head

only available on wednesday

50 minutes 75 €

Thai full body

only available on wednesday

80 minutes 105 €

For mums-to-be

St Barth Becoming Mom: pampering leg and facial treatment

Cold-pressed avocado oil relieves heavy legs, while a gentle peeling promotes circulation. After a gentle relaxation of the neck, attention is turned to the face for a special treatment – true pampering for mums-to-be.

80 minutes 99 €

Special massages

LA stone massage ritual with warm and cold stones

Lie back and simply be under the weight of warm and cold stones – a truly sensual experience. Forget everything and focus solely on the sensory experience.

80 minutes 109 €

Manicures and pedicures

St Barth Pampering Hand Beauty

Start with a relaxing hand bath and then enjoy a gentle peeling, nail correction, a massage and a final care routine. Pure indulgence.

50 minutes 63 €

St Barth Pampering Feet Beauty

Velvety soft, nourished feet – the ST BARTH pedicure includes an aromatic foot bath, a peeling, a nail correction and a massage.

50 minutes 63 €

Baths in the spa bath

Thermal salt water bath

A bath in the iodine-containing natural healing salt water of the Fontane spring has a deeply relaxing effect, strengthens the immune system and stimulates circulation. The thermal salt water in the bath has a salt content of around three percent.

25 minutes 39 €

Luxury aroma bath

The pleasant fragrance of this luxury oil bath is a balsam for the senses and helps you to fully relax, while the gentle oils nourish and  pamper your skin.

25 minutes 39 €

St Barth Dream

Enjoy your own personal aromatic experience featuring exotic oils, mild shower gels and fine lotions. This nourishing beauty bath lends your skin a long-lasting, velvety shimmer.

25 minutes 39 €

Sauna rituals

Individual hammam treatment

Traditional soap lather massage with the peeling glove (Kese) and rinsing with warm, running water. 

50 minutes 69 €

Rasul treatment, 2 people or more

Special cleansing ceremony with nourishing mud and healing chalk to stimulate the body and soul. 

30 minutes per person 39 €

Individual salt massage

Nourishing massage with aqua peeling salt to gently stimulate the circulation – for silky soft skin.

50 minutes 69 €


Slip into a fluffy bathrobe, put your feet up and relax your body and soul with views of the Ruppiner See. By the time you have enjoyed an indulgent massage and the wonderful, regional buffet at the bistro, you are sure to be fully relaxed.


Tel. +49 (0)3391 – 40 35 2447

Rückenmassage in der Therme des Resort Mark Brandenburg



  • Day pass from 10am to 10pm
  • ST BARTH Harmony (pampering full-body massage, 50 minutes)
  • Refreshments as part of the entire day package
  • Bathrobe and two towels for your spa day

125 € per person (monday until friday)
145 € per person (saturday, sunday and public holidays)

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One-day holiday at the Fontane Therme spa

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