• Nahaufnahme von gelöstem Steinsalz

Thermal Salt Water

Our naturally healing salt water is 100,000 years old and rises up from 1,700 metres below the Fontane Therme spa. The Fontane spring, Brandenburg’s only state-accredited mineral spring, provides the purest, iodiferous salt water with a high rock salt and calcium sulphate content – dissolved in nothing but water from the primordial sea.

In 2011, the Fontane spring became the first mineral spring in Brandenburg to be accredited by the state’s Ministry for the Environment, Health and Consumer Protection. In 2012, the thermal salt water underwent sampling and testing by the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus.

In 2017, the thermal salt water was once again tested; this time in co-operation with the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

Ein beleuchteter Pool im Hotel Neuruppin

Bathing in salt water

Bathing in the thermal mineral water is extremely relaxing. This is both due to your own movements and due to the buoyant nature of the salt water. The reduction in your own body weight in turn reduces the strain on your muscles. Meanwhile, the horizontal position of your body relieves the strain on your circulation. We recommend spending two 20-minute sessions relaxing in the pool, each followed by a 20-minute period of relaxation out of the water.

Frau im Dampfbad der Fontane Therme


After bathing in the naturally healing salt water, you can now enjoy a period of inhalation in the ultrasonic mist of the herbal steam room. The micro-fine mist allows your body to absorb the natural active substances through the skin and breath – the particles penetrate deep into the respiratory tract. Please refer to the notice board for the daily timetable for the salt water mist (recommended length of treatment: 10 to 15 minutes).

Natürliches Salz als Inhaltsstoff der Naturheilsole


The naturally healing salt water is sourced directly from some 1,700 metres below the earth’s surface at the Resort Mark Brandenburg. The water has a temperature of 63.4°C and a salt content of 17%. Salt water in this sense refers to natural salt water springs with a high content of mineral salts.


The iodine-rich naturally healing salt water at the Resort Mark Brandenburg is distinguished by its high content of dissolved rock salt and calcium sulphate, which comes from a solution of saline rocks. These rocks were formed 260 to 200 million years ago, during the late Palaeozoic and early Mesozoic periods, in what were then seas, and are now located in the Neuruppin region, some three to four kilometres below the earth’s surface.