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Heavenly, pure and new to our spa: Ligne St Barth

Natural products that are as simple as they are innovative, with summer scents and a family tradition that spans over three decades – LIGNE ST BARTH is one of the most sought-after spa ranges in the world. The “made in St Barth” way of life and refinement “à la française” – now available at the resort.

Ligne St Barth treatments

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St Barth Harmony Short: relaxing back massage

Gently straighten out your spine and enjoy the heavenly fragrance – the ST BARTH Harmony Short is an intense yet relaxing massage for the back, finished off with a gently nourishing body lotion.

20 minutes 35 € * Can also be booked as a couple

St Barth Sensation: body mask with a relaxing massage

Your body, fully covered in Caribbean sea water gel and fine oils. Then enjoy a relaxing, aromatic massage, leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth.

50 minutes 82 €

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